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Hand-curated beauty and wellness secrets collected from local exports around the world - while giving back directly to those communities.

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To relax you and make your nails shine

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Six thousand to one

Six thousand to one

Without blinking an eye, we decided to switch to Sugar Cane paper for our packaging. There are a number of reasons why, and we encourage you to rea...

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Travelling the world

And giving back

we have traveled the world, building relationships with women in countries known for their flawless skin. we have sat with them, eaten with them, learned their secrets and we are sharing them with you.

Supporting the source

we will never forget where we came from or who taught us their beauty secrets. we are committed to inspiring healthier communities by supporting the female entrepreneurs that we work with, in the communities that we source our recipes and ingredients from.

Current goal

building a school in morocco

5% - 10% of each sale goes directly to giving back to the communities and the women who provide the natural ingredients. The current goal: building a school in Morocco, the community were our argon oil is sourced.

Current Goal Progress