5 Tips to Prevent and Treat Dry Skin This Winter

5 Tips to Prevent and Treat Dry Skin This Winter

Have you ever noticed how your skin reacts to seasonal changes? If so, you've probably also noticed that your face tends to dry out much faster in the winter than in the summer! 

With exposure to cold, wind, humidity, and temperature variations, the skin becomes irritated and tends to turn red. Here are some tips to prevent it from drying out while keeping a beautiful complexion as the holiday season approaches. 


1. Check on your skin’s current condition

The skin produces less sebum in winter, and a simple test is enough to verify this. In the evening, cleanse your face without applying any cream afterwards. After one hour, press a kitchen towel on your face to see if the skin has produced sebum. If it has, it is rebuilding its barrier properly and does not need any additional care. If not, it needs to be nourished more than usual. Other signs that signal a lack of nutrition: redness, tightness, discomfort, even visible flaking (small white flakes), and scaling. If you suffer from atopic dermatitis, you are even more vulnerable: cold weather aggravates this condition.


2. Use a Gentle Cleanser

It cannot be stressed enough that removing your makeup is the first and most important step in maintaining your skin's health and radiance. Few women realize, however, that in the winter, makeup removal must be softer on the face and in a hydrating form to avoid drying out the skin. 

So skip the alcohol-based toners and makeup removers that aren't suitable for sensitive skin and go for hydrating milk cleansers that can be washed off with a fresh lotion instead. Micellar waters are also a great option since they do not need to be rinsed. Spray some rose water with soothing properties, such as the Rose Toner Mist, right into your face to complete the cleansing.


3. Hydrate as much as you can (and don’t forget your hands)

Every time you wash your hands, face, and body, you remove a good part of your skin’s natural moisture barrier. So, whatever is lost must be restored! For this purpose, applying a moisturizer every time you wash your hands is crucial, especially in winter. Well-nourished, the skin is less sensitive to external aggressions. So keep a jar of body butter by the sink in the bathroom and put a small bottle of hand cream in your bag for 24/7 hydration. As for your face, moisturizing starts with a day cream when you get out of bed. At night, the night cream nourishes and revitalizes the skin as you take your restful sleep. For very dry skin, boost your hydration intake with a serum in addition to the rest of your skincare routine.


4. Exfoliate and use your favourite facial oil

Exfoliation plays a crucial role in the skin's regeneration. It gets rid of all the undesirable particles, such as pollution, excess of sebum, etc. However, since some exfoliants can be a bit abrasive for the skin, make sure to choose a gentle hydrating scrub that won't damage your skin's protective barrier.

A facial oil can perfectly complement the scrub and will help restore your skin's natural moisture. Apply it preferably after you're done with your skincare routine (right after your moisturizer) for super-smooth, glowing, and nourished skin.


5. Put a humidifier in your bedroom 

The use of heaters and furnaces during the winter reduces the humidity level in a room. A small humidifier near the bed can help combat dry skin and maintain the humidity level in the room. Women suffering from eczema, psoriasis, or dry skin might benefit greatly from using this tool. This is one of the reasons why this must-have is so popular!

As you can see, in order to get through the winter in complete serenity and preserve your skin from the cold, hydration and gentle cleansing are essential. Adapt a simple & effective skincare routine and admire the results on your skin. Your skin will thank you for it!

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Beauty Legacy has an entire skin care line that’s designed to bring out your skin’s natural radiance! Click below to see all the other skin care products products we have to offer. Or read on to find out what else is possible at Beauty Legacy!

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