Complete Guide About Argan Oil For Skin

Complete Guide About Argan Oil For Skin

Here are all the things you need to know about ARGAN OIL best known as "the gold of cosmetics", and most important your SKIN CARE

Argan Oil is a product full of nutrients and vitamins extensively used to rejuvenate, hydrate and keep the skin healthy and radiant.

Do you want to look younger and have a glowing skin?

If your answer is YES! Stay with us and discover all the benefits of Argan Oil, and how to use this miraculous natural product.

Okay, let’s get started!

But before, it is important to know what Argan Oil actually is?

Argan Oil is a vegetable oil extracted from the fruit of a Moroccan tree known as the Argan tree. In Morocco, the Argan Oil has become a total success since ancient times, and not only for its wide use in cooking recipes, but also for its countless benefits for the skin, hair, and nails.

Argan Oil is composed of 80% fatty acids and 20% of vitamin E and vitamin A. These properties are essential for the effective treatment of aesthetic difficulties and it’s also, to help support a total healthy skin.

Do you know what’s the best thing about this product?

According to scientific contributions, it has been determined that it can be applied to any type of skin, whether is dry, oily, or it can also be a combination of both and in addition, it is so safe that it will hardly generate side effects. So, you don’t have to worry about that!

However, it is always recommended to pay the greatest attention to possible unfavourable reactions, since, in some cases a slight sensitivity has been noticed with the use of this product.

Benefits of using Argan Oil for skin:

  1. It's antioxidant properties such as polyphenols and vitamin E will make you look younger and rejuvenated. These properties are essential to maintain a good level of collagen in the skin, allowing it to have greater elasticity, avoiding wrinkles, it also protects against the environmental and sun damage.

  2. Vitamin E also works to eliminate free radicals, which are molecules that accumulate in our cells and affect other molecules in our system. If you are able to eliminate free radicals, you will not only have a cleaner skin, but you will also avoid the presence of uncomfortable and embarrassing conditions that could harm you.

  1. Argan Oil is a substance rich in "compound oily acids" that helps support a hydrated and nourished skin. It is important to notice that all types of skin must be hydrated to be healthier, it is a common mistake to say or believe that only dry skin needs hydration.

In this sense, even if your skin is very oily, Argan Oil helps you hydrate it. Being such a light substance, it can be absorbed quickly without leaving excess oil.

  1. Argan Oil also works as an anti-inflammatory and It’s oleic and linoleic fatty acids help soothe the irritations and inflammations of your skin and that is why it is also recommended by experts to always treat acne and blackheads, immediately.

  1. This natural product clears and heals the skin. When we suffer damage to the outer layer of our skin, a trans epidermal water flow is generated; to put it in a simple way, the skin expels moisture.

What does Argan Oil do?

It restores and heals this outer layer again to stop the trans epidermal flow, while your skin regains its radiancy.

  1. Argan oil is a perfect ally to eliminate unwanted stretch marks and scars. Thanks to its light nutrients that can be easily absorbed, new cells are quickly formed in the skin that helps its renewal process. This will allow you to gradually get rid of those marks on the skin.

  2. And as a bonus. These oily or fatty acids and the vitamin E that make up the Argan Oil are essentials to restore hair from end to end, its nutrients offer protection to both hair and scalp and as a result you will have radiant, soft and free of excessive dry hair.

Now, how to use Argan Oil to have a flawless skin?

Using Argan Oil is very easy and there are only two ways of doing it:

  1. Apply a couple of drops on one of the palms of your previously cleaned hand and then rub it directly on the skin area in order for it to be treated.

  1. You can also use it by mixing it with your creams, lotions, masks and shampoos that you choose to use. This method is very nutritious, since the oily acids that make up Argan Oil improves its penetration into the skin, and by mixing the components of the oil with your favorite lotion, the skin will effectively absorb all the nutrients.

Where to include it in my skincare routine?

 Use your Argan Oil after your moisturizer and before your sunscreen.

For a healthy and eczema-free skin or face:

Add 2 or 3 drops in the palm of your hand. It must previously and most importantly be clean, and it must also be dried by hand, then, you are going to spread it on the skin with a gentle circular massage until the oil has been absorbed.

To achieve excellent results, this application is recommended to be applied at least twice a day, both in the morning and before going to bed.

To look younger and more radiant

It is recommended to add 2 or 3 drops of Argan Oil to your makeup base to receive the permanent action of its antioxidants and slow down skin aging.

To hydrate

Simply take 2 drops in the palm of your hand and moisten your face. You will immediately notice how your skin becomes hydrated and purified.

Against stretch marks and skin damage

One of the preferred ways to use Argan Oil for skin cleansing and protection is by placing 3 drops in our daily body cream. This, in addition to fighting marks, will allow you to always go with a soft and hydrated skin.

As a make-up remover

Add a couple of drops of oil in your hands and then place it on your face making circular massages until all the makeup has been diluted, then rinse with a little warm water and finally rinse it completely.

------- A R G A N  O I L  P R O D U C T S -------

✨Pure Argan Oil

Pure Argan Oil and & Hemp Seed Oil

Pure Argan Oil with Orange Blossom

Pure Argan Oil with Ylang Ylang

✨Coffee Scrub with Pure Argan Oil, Moroccan Clay, Orange & Green Tea Extract.

Now, you already know, when it comes to skin care, Argan Oil is an irreplaceable product that contains all the nutrients and necessary vitamins for your skin to stand out in beauty, shine out that youth.

Skincare Goals

Skincare Goals

On the Road to Strong, Healthy, Well Groomed Nails

On the Road to Strong, Healthy, Well Groomed Nails

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Beauty Legacy has an entire skin care line that’s designed to bring out your skin’s natural radiance! Click below to see all the other skin care products products we have to offer. Or read on to find out what else is possible at Beauty Legacy!

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