Feel good about the skin you're in

You’re hanging with some girlfriends on a Saturday evening, getting all primped and ready for a night out on the town. One of them leans in, inches away from the mirror and whines:

“Oh my gosh! I am so broke out right now!
Look at all these zits!”

As you lean in to get a closer look, you can vaguely spot a pin sized red bump on her chin. It is so light and tiny that you probably would have never even noticed it if she hadn’t pointed it out. Heck, she probably wouldn’t have seen it either, had she not gotten so up close and personal with her reflection on the other side.

The truth is we all have these over exaggerated freak outs when it comes to the way our skin looks and feels. Fears about how our skin appears to the outside world - whether it be due to acne, fine lines or wrinkles (that seem to appear overnight) or dull & uneven skin tone, we all share a certain amount of envy for the look of a flawless complexion. We need to remember that those actors and models on the covers of magazines have been airbrushed to look that perfect.

If you would like to feel good about the skin you’re in, it may help to know the 5 causes of skin imperfections, that are working against you.

  1. DEHYDRATION - Not drinking enough water on a daily basis has many health risks to your body, and skin is no exception. Our bodies are responsible for over 70% of our makeup.

  2. BAD AIR QUALITY - Responsible for stripping all the moisture out of your skin.

  3. DIET - To put it short and simple: What you see on the outside is a reflection of what you are on the inside.

  4. LACK OF EXERCISE - When we do something physical, we are getting our heart rate going and that pumps blood to the skin cells and if we are not hydrated the body can’t do the job of pumping nutrients to the skin cells.

  5. SUDDEN WEIGHT LOSS - Losing weight too fast can actually be a bad thing. If you lose too much too quickly, the excess skin can feel like droopy untaught flesh.

Knowledge and understanding as to what is contributing to the problem at hand could potentially give you the power to be in control of the solution. The number one enemy that contributes to any and all skin problems is dehydration.

Our recommendation is to start improving your habits around drinking water. Additionally, you may find our Organic Moisturizing Oil extremely useful too.

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