We answer your top 10 most important skincare questions

We answer your top 10 most important skincare questions


Natural skincare seems to be the easiest route to effective and trusty skincare and it doesn’t always have to be homemade. While many manufactured products process natural ingredients by adding a lot of synthetic additives, many brands choose to go the 100% all-natural path and produce top-quality products. The great thing about chemically non-altered products is that they are much safer than manufactured beauty products. You might wonder, well, can’t I just use homemade products instead? The answer is, yes, you can. However, natural brand products get processed and manufactured in a refined way that is much easier for your skin to absorb. Our organic selection of facial oils is a great example of natural skincare products.




Choosing a skincare brand can be an arduous task since the list of brands continuously grows. To make the process easier, keep in mind a set of thresholds a brand needs to achieve before committing to its products. 

A list of what you should look for.

  • Non-synthetic and safe for the skin

  • Suitable for your skin needs

  • Active nutritional Ingredients

  • Inclusive to all skin types

  • Green ethics and cruelty-free


Many dermatologists pledge to have the correct skincare order so that you could witness the best results. Our skin is like a canvas that needs to be prepped before applying any coating, so begin with a cleanser. Beauty Legacy offers an earthly coffee scrub that you could gently exfoliate your skin from any makeup residue. The next step is nutrition and moisturization. Whether that could be a Vitamin-E and antioxidant oil, a water-based moisturizer, or a combination of both, moisture is essential. The skin cannot absorb so much product, so need to apply a lot. Excess products will sit on the skin to accumulate outside impurities. 


Synthetic skincare being harmful is something that is thrown around without being truly understood. Everything that we can use as skincare is chemical, whether it is purely natural or altered. Synthetic simply means that the product changed by adding things or removing others. The real question to ask is what synthetic components should you avoid in your skincare treatment?

 Here is a list of what you should try avoiding or using minimally. 

  • Fragrances, Alcohol-based fragrances, and alcohol

  • Formaldehyde and phthalates

  • All kinds of parabens like Propyl paraben, Butyl paraben, and more

  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate



Some will say yes while others won't. Facial oils are oil-based and oil is a heavier compound than any other serum or water-based moisturizer. It is not true that using oil makes skin oilier. Face oils help the skin balance the right amount of oil you would need so that skin doesn’t overproduce natural under the skin oil; also known as sebum. If your skin isn’t getting enough moisture, then you will see an increase in the breakout from sebum overproduction. Use face oils mindfully in the amount that your skin type needs so that it could absorb the right amount for healthy, moisturized, and well-protected skin. You could use a serum for water and oil-based moisturizer combo or use them separately. Our Ylang-Ylang infused Argan oil is best used first before locking the moisture down with an aqua-based moisturizer for best absorption.




We diversely recommended exfoliation for different skin types and beauty habits. If your skin is constantly exposed to harsh weather, pollutants, or full-face makeup, then it will need more exfoliation. Exfoliation doesn’t need to be as aggressive as it may sound. It simply means that you would need more cleansing to unpack the grime and give your skin a fresh start. Your skin needs to breathe and produce its natural source of protecting oils. Two to three exfoliation sessions per week are more than enough to keep the cycle in balance. A daily cleanser is essential. 


Serum and moisturizer might serve the same skincare results but have a different makeup. Serums are light textured but are also highly concentrated in active agents, so it is recommended to only apply the needed amount. Moisturizers are rich in a lot of ingredients that aren’t as concentrated and are aqua-based instead of oil-based. You should be able to combine the two for maximum results, but not necessarily one after the other because you don’t want to overwhelm your skin.


The best vitamin E skincare is a Vitamin E-rich diet with adequate amounts of the right skincare for you. Beauty Legacy’s Argan oil collection is a wholesome source of vitamin E curated straight from the luscious green fields of the Argan prairies of Morocco. 


We all know that fighting off external or internal stressors and getting enough sleep helps your skin brighten up and eliminate dark spots. If you’re suffering from natural dark eyespots, it could be natural and hereditary or a lack of nutrients in your diet. Some of these nutrients are vitamin E, Vitamin C, and retinoids. Hempseed Argan oil is rich in these ingredients and helps brighten your skin.


While we recommend applying sunscreen every day, the fact is that applying anything for too long is naturally unhealthy and your skin should have a break once in a while. The sun is not your enemy, as it can help your skin instead of causing breakage or wrinkling. However, reducing sun exposure is crucial since extended exposure to the sun is dangerous. Try to find the right balance for your sunlight tolerance, knowing when your skin needs a break, and enjoying a warm sunbath.

We wish you had a wonderful time having all of your skin questions answered. We love sharing all the beauty help and guidance you need to become your skincare professional. Nurturing your skin doesn’t have to be complicated and sometimes all we need is to unfold the confusion around the different products and their usages. 


Beauty Legacy is a brand that serves to spread awareness on easy and life-applicable skincare routines. To explore our products and learn more about what we stand for at Beauty Legacy’s, visit our mission page and collection. Learn more about our affiliate program or join our beauty league and explore how you can become part of Beauty Legacy’s ambassador team.
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Beauty Legacy has an entire skin care line that’s designed to bring out your skin’s natural radiance! Click below to see all the other skin care products products we have to offer. Or read on to find out what else is possible at Beauty Legacy! 

Didn’t find an answers to your questions?


Our vision is to make the world a more vibrant place by making an impacton the lives of women. We will do this by building self-esteem and confidence with happier, healthier skin, empowering women in the communities that we source our ingredients and through our efforts in sustainability.

For women who are intentional about what goes in their body and into the environment, we are the natural choice for skincare that will leave you with healthy, radiant looking skin. Unlike other brands, Beauty Legacy is an organic alternative, with high-quality ingredients that women around the world have been using for centuries. We have history on our side.

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Didn’t find an answers to your questions?

We have travelled the world, building relationships with women in countries known for their flawless skin. We have sat with them, eaten with them, learned their secrets and we are sharing them with you. 

Staying true to the original recipes, all of our products are completely organic. They are sourced and created from scratch, using ingredients you can pronounce and feel good sharing with your mom or your daughter. Our promise to our customers is to never use harmful or toxic chemicals. We offer our customers quality, reliability, and transparency in every part of their relationship with us.

For women who are looking for a brighter future, we are reliably leading the way in skincare with historically proven, ethically sourced products with a conscious soul. We are helping empower women, build communities, and restore the environment.

Try our skin care line by Beauty Legacy! You’ll love it.

Beauty Legacy has an entire skin care line that’s designed to bring out your skin’s natural radiance! Click below to see all the other skin care products products we have to offer. Or read on to find out what else is possible at Beauty Legacy!

All our products are tailor-made for environmentally conscious women.

We are firm believers in offering women environmentally sound, socially conscious, organic skincare products that they can feel proud of – without the high price tag. The green beauty industry isn’t accessible to everyone and we want it to be. We believe that everyone deserves the chance to practice the art of self-care and should wake up feeling excited to perform their skincare routine.


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