What are the effects of harsh weather on the skin?

What are the effects of harsh weather on the skin?

Winter is a difficult season for our skin. Between the holidays, their excesses, and the weather conditions, it is difficult to have a radiant complexion. The cold weather, which begins to show its face in the first days of winter, is the main enemy of beautiful and healthy skin. It’s well known for its destructive and damaging effects on this essential organ. The cold spares no one, especially individuals with sensitive skin, but also those with mature skin. When winter arrives, it is, therefore, essential to equip ourselves with the necessary weapons (care, preventive gestures...) to fight against the damages of this season on our skin. 


Effects of the cold on the skin

Now that the temperatures are starting to drop, it is important to know how the cold will affect your skin and if it is possible to care for it in a way that reduces its impact.

Essential for the thermoregulation of our body, the skin also plays a protective role for our organism. Its shield function is largely ensured by the hydrolipidic film on its surface, formed of water, sebum, and sweat. The cold damages this protection as it reduces the thickness of this film by drying out the skin.

That’s right! When it is cold, the degree of humidity drops and the skin reacts by releasing its water. It becomes even drier as a result. The cold, but also the wind, combined with wearing thick clothing and heating, are all factors in the worsening of skin dryness. The skin becomes tight, and feelings of discomfort arise. Another reason for dry skin is that the cold promotes the accumulation of dry cells by preventing the breakdown of dead cells.  You can see it on your face, the lines are more marked and the skin dries out. You may even notice some redness on dry areas, such as the extremities (legs and arms) and, more particularly, on the hands and feet.


How to treat your skin during winter

  1. Change your cleansing routine

Unsurprisingly, the way you cleanse your skin needs to be revised to match the drier, more hostile climate. The face can easily become dehydrated from central heating, and foaming makeup removers can strip the skin of its top layer.

Products in the form of oils are a lot more effective (and less harsh), especially those that turn into a somewhat milky liquid when water is added. They clean makeup and everything else much better than gels. Remember, the oils naturally produced by your face are better washed away by oils.

      2. Hydrate your skin the right way

Your skin, which is less nourished and takes longer to heal during winter, must be protected from direct contact with the cold. Certain areas such as the hands can be kept warm almost permanently. For particularly exposed areas of skin such as the face, hydration is very important, but a beauty cream is not going to be enough to protect the skin from harsh weather.

Commercially available creams do not provide sufficient protection against the cold. Despite daily application, sometimes twice a day, as soon as you step outside, your skin is dull, tight, and red. Should you apply it more often then? The answer is "No"!

These creams are composed largely of water, and water has never protected anyone against the cold. It even does the opposite: in the presence of cold, the water will cool down and the cold will end up "burning" the skin, hence the redness. In addition, the blood vessels that are supposed to provide oxygen, nutrients, and warmth shrink in low temperatures. The skin is less nourished, less oxygenated, and therefore duller.


What if the solution was found in nature?

You need to create a barrier between the cold and your skin so that it doesn’t get dehydrated and the vessels continue to oxygenate it. Facial oils are the perfect answer to this mission. Choose the one you prefer according to the virtues of each one and your skin type. 



Argan oil, avocado oil, hemp seed oil, borage oil, and macadamia oil are particularly good at replenishing your skin with the moisture that it needs during this period. They are healthy, natural, and suitable for the whole family. You can also apply them to the rest of your body.


Even if it's said that the cold preserves, it is still necessary to protect ourselves from it. Our hands, lips, and of course face, all parts of our body can be sensitive to it. It is therefore necessary to adapt our beauty habits to this particular season.



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Beauty Legacy has an entire skin care line that’s designed to bring out your skin’s natural radiance! Click below to see all the other skin care products products we have to offer. Or read on to find out what else is possible at Beauty Legacy!

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