What Your Skin Says About You

What Your Skin Says About You

First Impressions Argan is Cool!

The health of your skin is top among factors of first impressions.

First impressions are incredibly powerful - how and when a person smiles, what they wear to an interview, their choice of words when asking a person out on a date. Any of it, and all of it can make or break what comes with a first impression.

Skin can become dry and crackly, spotted and tired. It is abused on a daily basis. Excess oil can clog pores. Acne is a cry for help that is created through oily skin, inflammation, and bacteria - none of which are good when leaving a good first impression. Dry skin will search for anything to quench its thirst. Argan Orange Blossom Blend will increase its moisture, liven up your natural glow, and keep your skin healthy and spotless (more on how it works a little later). And...what do you know!! The results are healthier skin that will help you leave a great first impression.  

A Quick Story

Maybe you knew this girl, the one who had such terrible acne, that she would try nearly anything to rid herself of the infections. She had heard through various teenage channels that one could eliminate acne by applying raw garlic to the skin. 

Unfortunately, what the garlic had done to her was far worse than the acne ever was. It was like a chemical burn. This caused the girl physical and emotional pain. As a result, she skipped out on not just one, but TWO important events of her life due to the embarrassment. She missed out on a homecoming dance in highschool, as well as a first job interview.

While this story doesn’t quite speak to the first impressions we leave with others, it does speak to our knowing how others are affected by first impressions...so much so, that we may deprive them of a first impression if we feel we’re unable to meet internal/external expectations.

Imagine how different this young lady may have felt knowing then, what she knows now. Imagine how age-old wisdom and responsibly blended ingredients might have aided her.

A Little More About That Argan Orange Blossom Blend

Argan oil is extracted from the fruit kernels that are grown on argan trees in North Western Africa. Orange blossom essential oils are obtained by distilling the flowers that are found on citrus trees founded in East Africa, the Middle East and Europe. Our ingredients are naturally sourced and we know that they work because, historically, women have been using argan oil and orange blossom oil to clean, hydrate and enhance the natural beauty of their skin. 

Not only do we see the benefits by looking in the past, we look into modern day science to truly understand why Argan oil and Orange blossom helps the skin. Through studies, we now know that it can help heal the skin from damage due to acne, and it is anti-aging because of the omega fatty acids available in the argan oil. It strengthens skin tissue which will reduce wrinkles. It can also protect the skin from harmful UV rays and hydrates the skin due to the large amount of Vitamin E. 

Argan oil has been found to have healing properties that can help with everything from acne to oily skin. It is also incredibly helpful in reducing wrinkles, improving skin elasticity and scratch marks. Orange blossom oil is the perfect fragrance for everyday use. Its antifungal properties can also help with fungal acne. 

Argan Oil and Orange Blossom Skin care product

Life Lessons Great Impressions

Paying close attention to our experiences and the experiences of others teaches us, so we may succeed well into the future. We learn about ways we might improve our situation so we can leave great impressions and advance ourselves. We also learn about how others may have struggled. It isn’t enough to promote great products like the Argan Orange Blossom Blend. Providing therapeutic help with oily, dry or acne ridden skin comes from our shared desire to be the best version of ourselves, and help others do the same.

Someone you know may be struggling right now, gazing into the mirror, and feeling embarrassed, and like they won’t leave a good impression on others. So, what we do is:

Be kind. Don’t judge. Share. 

...share how Argan is helping you.

Find and Enhance Your Natural Beauty

Photo by Park Street on Unsplash  

If you’ve read this and are feelin’ more like the young lady in our story who’s seeking to brighten your skin and enhance your natural beauty, we invite you to try our products. If you’re looking for additional ways to leave a great first impression and already know the benefits of argan, the orange bloom will give you a hint of an invigorating smell and will work with the argan oil to smooth out blemishes and give you that glow of a polished gem that you’ve come to know and love. That’s a two for one, with impressions. Looks good. Smells good.

Give Back to Communities In Need

Not only will you be enhancing your natural beauty, you will be helping a community grow. Here at Beauty Legacy, we never forget where the ingredients come from and who taught us these strong, environmentally sound beauty products. Therefore, with every sale, a percentage is used to help a community. We talk to the local administration and ask what will be the most helpful for them. This time around, we are helping build a school in Southern Morocco. Be part of this amazing community of helping others!

Try our Argan Orange Blossom Blend and reap the rewards today!
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Beauty Legacy has an entire skin care line that’s designed to bring out your skin’s natural radiance! Click below to see all the other skin care products products we have to offer. Or read on to find out what else is possible at Beauty Legacy! 

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Our vision is to make the world a more vibrant place by making an impacton the lives of women. We will do this by building self-esteem and confidence with happier, healthier skin, empowering women in the communities that we source our ingredients and through our efforts in sustainability.

For women who are intentional about what goes in their body and into the environment, we are the natural choice for skincare that will leave you with healthy, radiant looking skin. Unlike other brands, Beauty Legacy is an organic alternative, with high-quality ingredients that women around the world have been using for centuries. We have history on our side.

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Didn’t find an answers to your questions?

We have travelled the world, building relationships with women in countries known for their flawless skin. We have sat with them, eaten with them, learned their secrets and we are sharing them with you. 

Staying true to the original recipes, all of our products are completely organic. They are sourced and created from scratch, using ingredients you can pronounce and feel good sharing with your mom or your daughter. Our promise to our customers is to never use harmful or toxic chemicals. We offer our customers quality, reliability, and transparency in every part of their relationship with us.

For women who are looking for a brighter future, we are reliably leading the way in skincare with historically proven, ethically sourced products with a conscious soul. We are helping empower women, build communities, and restore the environment.

Try our skin care line by Beauty Legacy! You’ll love it.

Beauty Legacy has an entire skin care line that’s designed to bring out your skin’s natural radiance! Click below to see all the other skin care products products we have to offer. Or read on to find out what else is possible at Beauty Legacy!

All our products are tailor-made for environmentally conscious women.

We are firm believers in offering women environmentally sound, socially conscious, organic skincare products that they can feel proud of – without the high price tag. The green beauty industry isn’t accessible to everyone and we want it to be. We believe that everyone deserves the chance to practice the art of self-care and should wake up feeling excited to perform their skincare routine.


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