Argan & Hemp Seed Oil



 Hemp Seed Oil, Argania Spinosa (Argan), Kernel Oil


From head to toe, apply a few drops to the desired area as a morning and nighttime treatment for glowing skin. Good for all skin types.

The Secret

We have blended together, the finest Argan and Hempseed oils to create nature’s richest source of essential vitamins and minerals "Fatty Acids & Amino Acids". This French-Moroccan blend is so sought after that we referred to it as Glamour Oil.

This blend; is nature richest source of 20 amino acids and essential fatty acids omega 3,6,9.  Pure Argan Oil nourishes and protects skin with essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamin E, and Organic Hemp Seed Oil strengthens and boosts resiliency with all 20 protein-rich amino acids. A simple solution to treat the first signs of aging and give your skin a smooth and radiant glamorous look.

From plant to production our Argan and Hemp Seed Oils are certified organic and sustainable.

Reverse time to keep your skin healthy and vibrant in an ethical way.

From Morocco and France

Giving Back

5% of the sales from this product goes into the fund to give back directly to the communities which provide the teachings and the natural ingredients Beauty Legacy uses.

See the current goal and money raised

Current Goal: Building a school in Morocco


$2,301 raised of $50,000


5% to 10% of each sale goes directly to giving back to the communities who provide the natural ingredients.

The current goal $50,000: building a school in the southern region of Morocco. Each region that we work in typically has a school or classrooms in various states of disrepair.

Once we identify a village that needs our assistance, we work with the local administration and teachers to determine needs, identify the scope, whether it's a renovation or complete rebuild, and study the feasibility of a project before we spring into action. We employ a local skilled workforce to build the new school or repair structures, install electricity, repair doors and windows, paint and install ceiling fans, and more!


Next goal: Restore or Build a school in Ghana - $59,000

We are passionate about our products and it shows in our attention to detail. From beginning to end, we believe the best skincare routines happen with mindfulness and care, we make sure our products are developed in the same way - the Beauty Legacy Way.

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