How it all began

“We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give”
— Winston Churchill

Have you ever felt you are free to do anything you want in life? Buy almost anything you want and travel anywhere you want. Get out with friends and meet new people. Party as long as you feel like and sometimes just be as lazy as your cat, taking a nap on the couch! I went through it all. But, Life has this strange way of teaching us lessons. Sometimes it gives us things and other times it does take them away. I was embracing my instincts, trying to find joy by traveling. From Africa to Asia, I’ve been to many countries, looking for my way through different places and cultures—trying to find true happiness.

While on a trip to the Philippines with my best friend, we were having a great time hopping from one island to another. We were enjoying how great of a place it was and all the surrounding communities. Everything seemed to be perfect for us ‘’the tourists’’, we rented dirt bikes and went to discover places on the island where no one was going. It was just so amazing riding through the green landscape, admiring the exotic plants and trees! Everything was ideal... until it wasn’t.

Within seconds, I found myself laying on a poorly paved road, almost in the middle of nowhere. At this point, your brain goes, “I need to call 911... But wait, I’m in the Philippines at a remote island!” I had no choice but to grab my dirt bike and head back to the nearest hospital, hoping that there was one. I was in luck, there was a small emergency center. My friend and I walked in and this tiny room was full of locals seeking medical attention for different reasons. We were not the only tourists, there was also this Israeli couple looking to get a treatment for a stomach pain from something they had eaten. The waiting was rough, my knee was injured pretty badly. After seeing the local doctor, it was explained that the first thing I should do is get a tetanus shot.

We had to go and wait in another small nursing room. While waiting, there was this little boy laying on a bed with serum bags hooked to his arms. His mom was next to him crying. I immediately asked the nurse who was cleaning my wound what was wrong? She replied that he had a bad fever and he’s been lying there for 3 days. My friend, Ben, walked in to check on me and had the bill in his hand. It was 5,000 pesos (125$CAD). This was nothing for us coming from Canada and paying in dollars. But the thought immediately came to my mind that, “we’ve been here for less than an hour and got a bill, which, for the locals is one-months worth of salary.” I looked at Ben and asked him, “can you take care of the kid’s medical bill when you go to pay ours?” Without hesitation, Ben said, “yes of course!” That bill was over 15,000 pesos. It was a few minutes later when the mother walked inside the tiny room and one of the nurses told her how we helped. She walked over in tears. It was also the first time I saw the child move in so long a time. His mother explained things to him and so he was trying to get up and express his gratitude. We gestured with a smile, that he stay in bed and rest.

As we left, everyone looked up at us with tears full of gratitude and the doctor walked out of his office too, wondering about the conversations taking place. He also shed tears after realizing our assistance. The little emergency center was full of emotions. For a moment, it was the happiest place on earth!

“Giving back is as good for you as it is for those you are helping, because giving gives you purpose. When you have a purpose-driven life, you’re a happier person”. — Goldie Hawn


I told Ben about how great of a feeling this was and how I wanted to feel like this every day for the rest of my life! (I had already decided to start ‘Beauty Legacy’ before going on this particular trip. But, my stay in the Philippines had a new effect on me and gave me a stronger vision of the kind of business I want to grow.) The plan is... find the best beauty ingredients ever known to man throughout history AND share the benefits with others!!

When I came back to Canada, I knew what I wanted and how to find happiness... Even better how to make it last. It was to donate and help other less fortunate people on the planet.

I have since then researched the best beauty brands and their models. I was inspired by those who advertised that they were giving back to communities and supporting charity organizations. I wanted to be as perfect as they were. I traveled to Morocco to check their charity projects and to do the same. It was ALL impressive... until...I discovered most of the brands advertising donating back were not really donating. And if they did, it was a very small portion that was not in line with the amount of money they were making—one percent! If they felt generous it would be two-percent, with NO transparency on whether that money was really given or not. I then realized that something had to change in communities like Southern Morocco, where Argan Oil was the main industry, but very little was given back, if any.

I decided that ‘Beauty Legacy’ is ‘the new brand that will make a true difference’. We will commit to give back not just 1 or 2%, but enough to improve the lives and communities less fortunate on this planet, starting with communities that we source our premium ingredients from... Morocco, the Philippines, Ghana and more. We want to give back by building schools that offer access to a better education.

United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) tells us that 101 million children worldwide don’t regularly attend school. High costs, lack of local availability, lack of uniforms and school supplies, disability and competing family priorities are among the many reasons for this devastating statistic. Each of those children may grow up without the basic communication, math and reasoning skills that can help them earn a living wage to support their families and build their neighborhoods. And so the terrible cycle of poverty continues.

That’s how beauty legacy was inspired.

Sharing beauty legacies from around the world while creating our own legacy from beauty... We're here to inspire you to join a movement. To continue raising the bar and making conscious choices for yourself, the environment, and the products you choose to use every day.


~True story,
by: Youssef Aboumacher.


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